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Product Name

Automatic tension cutting machine HD-1000

Product Nmber

Model: the HD - 1000


Product use:


This machine is applicable to the subsection of BOPP, PET, CPP, CPE, PVC, aluminum foil, paper and so on. The material is cut and cut in accordance with different requirements during the production process. This machine has the advantages of small footprint, energy consumption and so on.


Performance and features:


1. The machine is a vertical dividing machine, and the coil is located at the front and back of the machine.

2. Independently controlled screen, more flexible and convenient operation.

3. Automatic rectifying of the roll, the light electric eye can be used to track the edges and colors of transparent materials.

4. Coil tension is controlled by magnetic powder brake.

5. Magnetic powder clutch is used to control the winding.

6. Automatic suction device for waste side.

7. The feeding length is automatically meters.

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