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HD-320A(4-color )Automatic trademark rotary press

Key Word:HD-320A(4-color )Automatic trademark rotary press
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1.Adopt import servo system ,flexible motion control .

2.The computer controls the ink system ,the ink is stable and accurate .

3.The maximum printing area is 305mm*280mm .

4.Refresh the high speed and accurate alignment Acceleration and deceleration do not take place , stable performance .

5.High precision gear with low back gap, high speed running and low noise .

6.UV drying machine lamp holder can switch power automatically to achieve the effect of low temperature paper and completely dry ink.

7.High - speed color standard eye to position, ensure high quality secondary overprint, reduce material waste.

8.It is easier and more precise to adjust the position directly by man-machine dialogue.

9.Printing tension can be adjusted according to different printing materials.

10.The isolation mode is adopted to save energy and save energy under the same conditions.

11.Imported advanced non-axial printing control technology.

12.Can be equipped with light oil seat, magnetic round knife die, etc., widely used in food, daily chemical, medicine, electric appliance, electronic, mobile phone lamination, hardware, gift toys and other industries.

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