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High speed CNC single block die cutting machine

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1. Adopt advanced computer CNC drawing system, equipped with two-degree eye tracking positioning device, high precision, low noise, fast speed and accurate jumping.


2. Die cutting seat can be loaded with metal die, board knife and offset knife die.


3. The roll rod adopts the independent motor, which can be turned back and forward. The tension can be adjusted arbitrarily, so that the multi-layer bonding can be adjusted faster and more accurately, the rewinding position can be adjusted accordingly, making the operation more flexible.


4. The blade Angle can be adjusted freely, which is more convenient and fast.


5. Equipped with infrared safety protection device to ensure the safety of operators.


Model HD-250 HD-300 HD-350 HD-400
Cutting Size 250MM*200MM 300MM*250MM 350MM*300MM 400MM*360MM
Max Feeding Width 260MM 310MM 360MM 410MM
Max Speed 12000 12000 12000 12000
Voltage 220V 220V 220V 220V
Power 2.2KW 2.2KW 3KW 3.5KW


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